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A Dentists Insight To Your Overall Health

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Imagine having an infection as large as the palm of your hand on your
leg, arm or on the side of your face. If you are like most people, the
thought is disgusting and scary, and you would certainly want to be
treated by a doctor. You would want the condition cured, and you would
want to know the source was in order to avoid a repeat infection. You
certainly would not dismiss the condition.
What if this condition was persistent inside of your mouth? The idea
sounds disgusting and unlikely, but if you have ever had inflamed gums,
you have had a comparable infection inside of your very own mouth, and
for some reason most people just do not take such oral health situations
seriously; they do not see the dentist for treatment, nor do they have
concern for their health. However, conditions such as these are either
indicative of existing health problems or they stand to cause health
problems, so pay attention to your mouth, and see the dentist as soon as
you notice the problem.
Dentists who see these kinds of persistent issues in a patient’s mouth
are quick to run blood tests to check for disease such as insulin
resistance, diabetes, and related issues. Suspicious dental conditions
are quickly becoming one of the main connections to the diagnosis of
glucose related disease, and when caught early; insulin resistance, the
condition that leads to diabetes, can be reversed.
The reciprocal situation is also true. Poor mouth health and gum disease
left untreated can cause health problems. When gums are infected, the
simple act of brushing your teeth is enough to aggravate the infection
and push it into your blood stream. The infection will then travel
through your body via the bloodstream, land in other organs, and cause
further infection. The bacteria, the chemicals affiliated with them, and
the body’s reaction to both, are linked to pre-mature birth, heart
disease, stroke, and osteoporosis. Be clear that gum disease is not a
symptom of these serious and deadly health issues; gum disease is a
cause of them.
The evidence is becoming clearer, more supported, and surely more
convincing that you could be saving your own life, or, in the case of
the effects of gum disease on gestation, the life of your child by
keeping in sync with your regularly scheduled preventative dental care
appointments and, by being proactive about any suspicious conditions
such as inflamed, painful gums, mouth sores, or even chronic dry mouth
or bad breath.
The idea that there is a disconnect between the mouth and the rest of
the body is mythical. The mouth is quite literally a portal to your
overall health.

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