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How to Finance a Demolition Company with Construction Factoring


Finding business financing for any small or medium sized company in the construction industry has always been a challenge. As an industry, construction has always been difficult to finance. This is in part because each contract carries a lot of risk since many things can go wrong. Also, each contract has many players – the project owner; the general contractor; the subcontractors ; the financing institutions; which increases financing complexity.

Although demolition companies are considered to be in the construction trade, they are not always as affected by their issues and can be easier to finance. Demolition work tends to be done at the start of the project and is not subject to the usual overruns of other subcontractors.

Most demolition companies tend to get paid 30 to 60 days after invoicing. This is a common business practice but it can create serious cash flow problems. Few companies can wait that long to get paid and still cover their own payroll, rent and business expenses. Unless the company has substantial cash reserves, it will run into problems.

Most company managers will try to cover the cash flow gap with a business loan. However, few companies can qualify for business loans in this environment. Institutions will only provide business loans to companies that are well collateralized, have strong management and have impeccable financial statements. Few demolition companies will meet this criteria.

There is an alternative that is available to most construction subcontractors. It’s called construction factoring. Construction factoring solves the cash flow problem by advancing funds against construction invoices. Instead of waiting 30 to 60 days to get paid, you get an advance from the factor. The transaction is settled once the GC or commercial client pays.

One major difference between factoring and a business loan is that the factoring company considers your invoice to be strong collateral, provided it’s from a good commercial client or GC. Factoring is dynamically tied to your salesComputer Technology Articles, and grows as your company does.

Factoring can provide predictable cash flow to companies who cannot afford to wait up to 60 days to get paid by clients.


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