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How to Get Rid of Odors in Your Home before Selling It

{pixabay|100|campaign}{pixabay|100|campaign} – It is a
common fact that if a home stinks, it will be hard to sell it.  It does not matter if the odor comes from
cigarette smoke, moisture, dirt, pets, spices, or even from some of the good
smells like plug-ins, air fresheners, or candles.  Whether the person has an allergy or not,
nobody would want to live in a house that smells, period.


Many buyers will try to mask the
odor by using air fresheners, candles, or plug-ins but for some buyers, that is
just a red flag making them wonder just what type of smell the seller is trying
to hide.  The best type of smell is no
smell at all. Before you get ready to put your house on the market, have some
friends or relatives come over and figure out if they smell anything funky in
your home.  The reason to ask someone
else to do this instead of relying on your nose is that you may just be used to
the odor and do not notice it any longer.


Pet odors may be present in
places where you put them.  Any type of
cooking odors are going to be primarily in the kitchen while any mustiness,
mold, or mildew smells are going to be anywhere moist and dark.  As far as smoke smell is concerned, it will
probably be all throughout the house. Once you have identified where the odor
is coming from, you need to start getting rid of it right away.


Start smoking outside, open the
windows and let the house air out; check for any leaks or anything that might
cause a moldy or musty smell; and make sure that your pets are placed outside
if possible, and are cleaned and groomed regularly.  You should also consider washing the
curtains, beddings, carpets, and rugs to remove cigarette smell and dry clean
your couches and chairs.


Once these are all done, have someone
come back to the house and check if there isn’t any bad smell anymore.
Remember, first impressions last, so make sure you maintain a house that is not
only physically appealing but is also pleasing to the nose. This way, you can
be assured that your house won’t be underpriced.


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information on selling a home, go to   See you there!


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