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Jobs With Health Insurance Benefits – No Longer The Norm

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The ideal is to find a job that includes health insurance as one of the benefits as most people don’t want to have to pay out of pocket for an individual health insurance plan. With the rising cost of health insurance, however, more companies are choosing to pay a slightly higher salary to their employees as opposed to paying for their health insurance.People who are hunting for a job have taken notice that not only has the number of job openings diminished; they also note that healthcare benefits are reduced or non existent. Employers are now expecting employees to assume some or all the responsibility of providing their healthcare for themselves and their families. A company willing to pay half of the premium for the employee is being generous. Most are only willing to pay a fixed amount and anything above that amount needs to be supplemented by the employee.Employer based health care plans are not what they used to be either with a majority of employers finding that they can not afford to keep employees covered under the best health insurance plans and that they have to settle for plans with mediocre coverage just to make it seem like they are still doing their part. Even back in the 90’s health insurance through an employer was still top of the line health care coverage but now in 2010 more employers have cut back on the type of health insurance benefits they offer and this is a significant difference from what it was before.Some companies have opted to pay a higher salary rather than pay for health care benefits in order to be competitive in the marketplace but even then employees are paying out of pocket to provide themselves and loved ones with medical coverage. Be prepared to pay for coverage as more and more companies are not covering these benefits in order to stay afloat.No one can say for sure what will happen when and if the U.S. government institutes its health care plan but it is very likely that more employers begin to drop this expensive benefit and allow their employees to take advantage of the communal health care plan as well. The results of these changes remain to be seen, however if you are currently seeking employment it is still a better deal to find a company that offers you even minimal group health insurance benefits as opposed to paying out of pocket for your own health insurance.
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