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Life Expectancy Seems To Be Up: Anti Aging Technology Solutions Are Evolving Into A Popular Business

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Life Expectancy Seems To Be Up: Anti Aging Technology Solutions Are
Evolving Into A Popular Business!I frequently write about the
benefits that technology is delivering to our increasing life
expectancy. I also suggest that the elderly are too often victimized by
their own outdated anticipation; not understanding that they can usually
live not only longer, but better. One of the common beliefs in
accordance with past experience and insight is that the advantages of
technology are focused only on youngsters. In fact, technology companies
are realizing that senior citizens now manage a huge portion of the
disposable earning, and they are rushing to meet their wants and
desires.The 50-and-over-crowd will be about one-third of the
population of the United States and will spend more than younger
shoppers by approximately $1 trillion in 2010. Most of us will react by
saying, “They are referring to other senior citizens.” However, we must
be aware that we can still get the advantages of this phenomenon if we
keep our eyes open for them.Senior citizens should be interested
in the rise of a senior technology economy for 2 good reasons:
1. It will mean a better quality of life for us. When we look hopefully
at our current circumstances, we will see a much different picture for
aging than our parents did. For instance, the Internet is, generally,
free. Optimistic people are likely to use this inexpensive resource to
engage in interesting lives. 2. Seniors can earn money longer
and easily. Income can be earned working at home using personal
computers and the Internet. Moreover, as the population ages,
increasingly more of the business economy is managed by senior citizens.
I am acquainted with a man who retired from a “9 to 5” business
while he was 60 years of age. He had been involved in ordering and
handling a certain type of specialized equipment over the last 20 years
of his career. Immediately upon his “retirement” he was approached by
one of the vendors of that kind of equipment and offered a very
rewarding position selling it, on his own schedule, with a corporate car
and all other costs paid. He traveled with his wife (whenever he wanted
to) at the vendor’s cost. When he needed to stay home he made use of
the telephone and Internet to communicate and do paperwork. Why did that
vendor compensate him so well to jump from being a consumer to being a
seller? They told him candidly that it was because the majority of the
big buying decision-makers for their equipment were his peers, older
folks or approaching senior citizenship, and they believed in him for
that reason.The potentials for making money while working in
your pajamas are abundant and potentially lucrative. The opportunities
are springing up much faster than we can explore them. We just have to
move beyond our outmoded ideas and expectations about aging and begin
surfing!For more information on this and other topics of interest to senior citizens, see our website Going Strong Seniors!  – Anti-aging for Senior CitizensFor more articles about the theChristian life see The Renewal Journal! -The Rocky Road to Christian Sanctificationwood porch swingsSource: Free Articles from

Charles Parker is a teacher and writer. He specializes in the psychology of aging and the use of technology to improve quality of life in aging. He also writes about memory enhancement, improved health, and having fun. He has taught at every education level from kindergarten to university, including designing and teaching computer and Internet classes for senior citizens.

Technology Photo
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