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South America Travel: Explore Peru & Bolivia


the beauty of Peru and Bolivia during your South America travel. From culture,
history, and beautiful scenery you will find it in this featured travel plan
written by a South America travel expert.

If you are
looking to explore the heights of Peru and Bolivia, be sure to make a stop in
Cusco, Lake Titicaca and La Paz during your South America travel. Spend your
time exploring the treasures of Machu Picchu, the legends of Lake Titicaca, and
the culture of La Paz with this sample travel plan.

Begin your
crazy South America travel by arriving in Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire.
Adjust to the altitude for a few days and enjoy the sights of Cusco. Take a
city tour or explore the city on your own, guide book in hand, no matter how
you choose to see Cusco, make sure to take in the marvelous Inca architecture
and stone work.

Take the
train from Cusco to Machu Picchu, the hidden temple of the Inca’s, found deep
in the Andes this site remains untouched, surviving the Spanish conquest, which
was the ultimate demise of the Inca empire. Admire the beauty of the Inca’s
last great architectural masterpiece, by walking through the 75 acres of
numerous crafted temples, terraces, and buildings.

The next
part of your trip to Peru will take you to Puno, the jump off point for the
magical Lake Titicaca. Puno sits at an even higher elevation than Cusco, but
Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world sits at a staggering 12,464
feet. It is advisable to take it easy to ensure you do not suffer from altitude
sickness during your visit. Explore the beauty and unique decoration of the
lake, which sits covered in Uros, or handmade reed islands.

The lake is
said to be the origin of the Inca Empire, but Lake Titicaca holds more than
just legend, its beautiful blue waters and mountain backdrop make it a must see
on any Peru or Bolivia vacation. Lake Titicaca is bordered by both Peru and
Bolivia, allowing easy access for travelers wishing to venture to the de-facto
capital of La Paz, Bolivia.

Less than
five hours from the shore of Lake Titicaca you will find the highest capital in
the world, sitting just under 12,000 feet, La Paz is the last stop during your
South America travel. While in the city explore the culture and history of
Bolivia. Be sure to visit the famous Witches’ Market, sure to provide you with
a story or two to share upon return home.

Enjoy Machu
Picchu, Lake TiticacaFeature Articles, and La Paz while you explore Bolivia and Peru. With this
sample travel plan you can adjust your itinerary to suit your needs and desires
for your South America travel.



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