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Technology-An inevitable aspect of a freelancer’s success

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By xresch from Pixabay

Freelancing has emerged out as one of the most successful career trends in modern times. To associate with it, one cannot deny the gift of technological advancement. Technology has eliminated the limitation of time and place to a great extent. A freelancer has now got the privilege of meeting his/her requirements-which perhaps would not have been possible without technology.

Now a day’s Freelance jobs makes freelancer self employed. Self employment brings more confidence to freelancer to make life easier by earning some extra money.

In today’s a large number of people are capable to make careers out of freelancing is technology. Technology allows us to stay connected with the people that help us to get our jobs done, to know and to get our jobs more quickly from remote locations and to dynamic access the information that we need in order to do our work efficiently. But there are so many different kinds of technology over there and new technology & stuff emerging every day that it’s hard to know what you need to have and what you can skip.

Here’s a list of basic technology that every freelancer should have, technology that preferred most for freelances.

Every freelancer should have a telephone to stay connected with people who wants to get in touch. More specifically cell phones that support new technologies like voice mails. And also consider this telephone as a business telephone. This will gives you a flavor of professionalism at your work and help freelancers to keep their business more reliable and streamlined.

It’s very common thing that every freelancer need a computer, it’s the life line of how the job done, more specifically freelancer should have a laptop that has wireless capabilities to get internet service which has reliable, high speeds and continuous service. You can also use your laptop as electronic data storage, information data that you will gather from internet it can be save on your computer, and you can do research on that information when you have time to spent. At last computer or laptop will help you to stay in touch with your clients.   

As a freelancer, your data should be safe. Make sure that all of your data is secure by providing hardware and software based firewall. A properly installed and configured firewall will keep hackers away from your important and valuable information. It’s also recommend that you incorporate a backup system in your security center. That is way by which you can save a copy of all of your data on your computer if you loose your information or get corrupted.

Every freelancer should have Fax, Scanner, and Printer to meet technological demands. Freelancer who has a scanner can make use of online fax.

If you have a freelance business, it is mandatory to have a corporate website where you can show your portfolio to your clients. And it’s strongly recommended that freelancers have a search engine optimized website.

A growing freelance business needs a professional email address. Free e-mails like Gmail, hotmail are not very professional. This means that using your business website’s domain name as your email address is more professional.

To work in specific domain requires specific software. Even for general purpose a freelancer should consider working with the following softwares:

Microsoft Office: A full office package that includes word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint is the minimum requirement for a freelancer to perform daily operations.

Accounting software: In order to keep track of the financial matters accounting software is a must.

Database software: Maintenance of the large number of files in an organized manner makes database software inevitable.

Marketing software: Marketing software enables a freelancer to send newslettersArticle Search, keep contacts organized and also increase marketing.


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