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The Latest in Automotive Tech

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By Tumisu from PixabayTechnology Photo
By Fauno from Pixabay

Around View Monitor

Rear view monitors have become mainstream and no longer have much
panache among consumers. The latest camera systems are around view
monitors, helping drivers see not just behind the car but around the
car. This system was first introduced on the Infiniti EX, a crossover
from Nissan’s luxury brand. The around view monitor helps drivers
navigate tight spaces and avoid minor fender benders. St Louis Acura says the system also makes parallel parking extremely easy.

Ford MyKey

The Ford MyKey
is basically a key specifically for teen drivers. The system allows
drivers to control a number of functions inside the car, such as top
speed, stereo volume, and it controls various warning chimes. Parents
can program the Ford MyKey system to their specifications, which Pittsburgh Lincoln Financing
says will help to add peace of mind when children are out on the road.
MyKey will be standard on the 2010 Ford Focus and Ford Escape hybrid.
By 2012, MyKey will become standard on all vehicles.

Automatic Braking Systems

Using sonar and radar, automatic braking technology is able to
monitor the closing speed of your car and the car ahead. If it detects
that an impact may be imminent, the system will apply the vehicle’s
brakes automatically without any input from the driver according to one
used car dealer Trenton.
The system was first featured on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but can
also be had on the 2010 E-Class. Other vehicles that have adopted
similar technology include Lexus and Volvo. While it’s not a
replacement for safe driving, the system can prevent minor impacts that
occur from distractions.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Lane departure warning systems alert a driver whenever a vehicle begins to veer outside of a lane. When the vehicle steps over a double yellow line, one used Mercedes Baltimore
dealer points out that the system helps the drivers avoid a serious
accident with an on-coming car, or even a motorcycle. While the system
was first developed by Infiniti, it has since found its way into
numerous brands including Cadillac, Lexus, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.
Some customers at Acura Service New Haven
have thought the system is a bit too sensitive and annoying when it
beeps unnecessarily. However, these systems can be shut off manually.

Driver Alertness Monitor

Technology Photo
By Mediamodifier from Pixabay


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