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Why Invest in Real Estate?

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Why Invest in
Real Estate is one of the most popular questions you’ll hear in the news today.
As we have experienced an extreme downturn in our economy, many homeowners have
been forced into foreclosure. The job loss rate has skyrocketed and many are
trying to make it off of unemployment alone. This is scary to most Americans
who are on the brink of financial destruction. Most people don’t believe that
there is a way out of this crisis but there is. If investing in Real Estate has
not crossed your mind just yet, take some time and think about what becoming an
entrepreneur would mean. Becoming an entrepreneur would mean attaining a
business and working that business so that you can become financial dependent
on it. Real Estate can sell itself in most cases but you still have to put in
the hard work, so that others will know that you are serious about buying and
selling property. Real Estate is not only a business but a way of life for
many. If you turn on the television, you’ll find a ton of fix and flip shows.
You get excited at watching different homeowners buy, fix and flip their
properties for profit. But the only thing is that you are on the opposite side
of the tube! This should be you!

There are a ton
of reasons to invest in Real Estate but maintaining financial wealth and
prosperity is definitely a great reason that comes to mind. Unfortunately, the
foreclosure crisis has been hurtful to many but it has been a gold mine for
Real Estate investors everywhere.

A few other
reasons to invest……..

Appreciation – Rental properties
normally appreciate in value with inflation. Increased value can mean sale and
reinvestment in higher value properties, or provide an equity line of credit to
use for other investments. This is the second, and a historically proven value
component of real estate investment return.

Inflation can Rent-Friendly -
Rents usually increase with inflation, while mortgage payments on the property
remain stable. This increases cash flow, with more rent income without
increased expense for holding the property. When inflation is up, it can also
mean more renters, as the affordability of homes can be negatively impacted by
inflation. More renters increases demand, so rents can escalate.

Leverage – Using leverage, while being
careful to buy properties with good rental yields, provides greater returns.
Using $100,000 to purchase three properties with down payments, instead of one
for $100,000 cash will greatly increase returns. And much more!  If you have access to a computer or read the
newspaper, you can see that Real Estate properties are all over and they are
going fast! For more information on real estate investing go to

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Real Estate Photo
By KERBSTONE from Pixabay


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